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Learning About International Shipping Guidelines

Hello, my name is Francine. Welcome to my site about international shipping practices. When I ship my products overseas, I have to follow the guidelines of my own country and the destination of the delivery. The guidelines can be confusing or contradictory at times. I have to seek clarification often to keep my shipments from coming right back to me. I will use this site to talk about all of the international shipping guidelines you might come across. I hope to clear up the confusion and help others tackle this important task with ease. Please feel free to stop by anytime to learn more.


The Holidays Are Almost Here: 4 Ways To Make Sure Your Packages Arrive On Time And In Good Condition

The holidays are just around the corner. Pretty soon it will be time to start shipping off those precious gifts that people have ordered from your business. You want to make sure that they reach their destination in one piece. That can be difficult, especially during the holiday rush. To help prevent broken-hearts this holiday, here are four tips to ensure that your packages arrive in one piece.

Use a Fresh Box

You knew you'd be shipping gifts this year, so you saved all of your boxes from last year. While that does save money, it might not be the best way to protect your packages this year. Boxes lose their strength and durability the more times they're used. If those boxes you saved have been used more than once or twice, your packages could sustain damage during shipping. Make sure your packages arrive safely by purchasing new boxes each year.

Keep Things Cushioned

You placed your items in the box and they seemed to fit properly. However, you noticed a few spaces around the edges. If you seal up the box without adding some cushioning, the contents of your package could sustain damages during shipment. Once you pack your items into the box, take a look around the edges. If you can see space, fill the box with packing peanuts. The packing peanuts will fill the spaces, cushion the contents, and help ensure that the contents of your package arrive in one piece.

Seal It Properly

Once you have everything loaded into the box, make sure you seal it up properly. Shipping tape is the best way to secure your package. Apply one strip of tape along the opening of the box to close it securely. Once you have the box secured with the initial strip of tape, Add two additional strips of tape—one strip to each side of the initial strip. This will ensure that the box is closed tightly. Avoid using twine on your package. Twine can get caught in the shipping equipment and cause damage to your package.

Offer Same Day Delivery

Your customers want to make sure that their gifts arrive on time and in one piece. Providing same day delivery options will help ensure that those packages arrive on time and in perfect condition. Many shipping companies provide rapid delivery services, including same-day delivery. You can improve your customer service this holiday season by providing speedy delivery for your valuable customers.

The holidays are fast approaching. Make sure your customers packages arrive promptly and safely by following the tips provided above. For other helpful tips, be sure to speak to your shipping company's customer service department (like On Time Delivery Service).